our vineyards
in southern Burgundy

Le Clos

Le Clos, A wholly owned vineyard ( monopole) surround the Château de Fuissé itself.

Le Clos
Le Clos

The Château de Fuissé’s vineyards, located in southern Burgundy, cover more than 40 hectares (+100 acres) spanning five appellations, including:
Pouilly-Fuissé : 25 hectares/62 acres, Saint-Véran : 8 hectares/20 acres, Mâcon-Villages : 3 hectares/7.5 acres, Mâcon-Fuissé : 1 hectare/2.5 acres, Bourgogne-Blanc : 0.5 hectares/1.2 acres, Juliénas : 3 hectares.

“The respect for terroir, the vintage and the Chardonnay varietal are the three essentials of the Château de Fuissé wines. The vinification is adapted to the specifics of each parcel.
Vineyard expression, natural ripeness, concentration and minerality form the identity and character of our great White Burgundy wines.”.